Meet Your Travel Agent

Meet Your Travel Agent

August 30, 2018

tia the travel plannerHi I’m Tia. I have been a travel agent since 2012, working first for other companies that specialize in travel, then venturing out for myself in 2016. I love to travel and think there is no better way to become a better person than to experience the ways of others. Travel is the way to heal the world in my book, because when we learn to accept and understand each other, we can see just how the same we really are.

I specialize in travel for the real person. I wanted to be the type of travel company that cares more about you as a person, than my commission check, and doing my own thing was the only way to assure that. I’m a single mother of 3 trying a navigate this world, save enough for the right vacation, and don’t want to be disappointed when I do. So I figured, if I feel this way, there must be at least one other person that thinks that way.

That’s why you will find that this website is full of the things you really need to know about booking your vacation. Like when to go, where to go and how to get there. If you are prepared then you don’t have to get prepared, so let me help you get prepared. Also keep a look out for “Tips From A Travel Agent” where I will give you little tips to aid you on your stay. I also have a deep love for my brothers and sisters in arms. Having spent the first part of my youth fighting for our country, I also wanted to cater to the military family’s way of traveling as well. Start early, pick the dates, get insurance.

Let me be the agent that you trust. The Travel With Tia 2 Day Experience is one that will have you saying, “That was easy” and “Let’s do this again”. Allow the Travel With Tia 2 Day Experience make your next vacation your best vacation. Like and follow my Facebook Page for the latest travel deals updated weekly. Tour the site and give me a call at (602) 473-5428. I am waiting to fulfill your vacation dreams.

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