World's Largest Cruise Sale
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World’s Largest Cruise Sale

September 26, 2018

          Bet you didn’t even know it existed right? Well luckily for you, I have you covered with everything you need to know to navigate through the ins and outs of this amazing event. Officially it starts on Oct 2nd every year and for 28 days, you have access to the greatest deals cruising has to offer.

What to Expect?

          During the WLC sale, ALL and I do mean ALL cruise lines offer cheaper rates than any other time of the year booking the same vacation. For example, let’s say you purchase a 4 days cruise from Disney in March, for a family of 4, travelling in March of the very next year. Now because you purchased a year in advance, you will get a great rate for the early booking discount. However, if you book the same vacation during the WLC sale, at the same rate! However, far less time to have the vacation paid for. Also during this time cruise line offer “cruising perks”, like free beverage packages, or paid gratuities, shore excursion credits, and even speciality dining.

How to Beat the System

          The best practice is to book 12 to 18 months in advance when it comes to cruising, but the rules for the best time to plan still apply. So if you are looking to take your family on a Summer cruise, booking in October when pricing is best, saves you money and extends payments for nearly 9 months. Remember, during this time cruise lines will offer the best perks. Whenever possible, you will want to choose “Free Beverage Package” and “Prepaid Gratuities”. But there are loads of possibilities. Here is a brief break down on what each will entail. Prices and specific detail will vary depending on the cruise line. But if you know what to look for, you can avoid the extra cost and maximize savings.

  • Free Beverage Package –  Free never means free. You will still have to pay the taxes on the beverage package, but with taxes being around $15 a day, that is way cheaper than the $59 to $99 a day for the beverage package, plus the taxes. Without a beverage package, drinks in international waters triple in price.
  • Free Gratuities – Ok maybe this one means free. Choosing this option means you won’t owe them at the end. Partnering this option with the beverage package allows for your cruise to now truly become all-inclusive.
  • Shore Excursion Credit – So this one is a bit of a throwaway in my mind when the others are an option, but if it’s all that is offered, know that it will never pay or the excursion in its entirety. Cruise line typically offers $50 to $1000 worth of credit, while excursion typically cost $100 to $5000 depending on the excursion and the cruise line.
  • Kids Cruise For Free/Third or 4th Passenger cruise for free – Great Perk for families. Again free is not free, you will have to pay, taxes, gratuities, and drink packages per child or adult passenger, and it will only cover 1 passenger per adult max 4 in the cabin. This will save you hundreds of dollars overall.
  • Future Cruise Credit – This can be used to book future cruises and in some cases excursion for much lower if for free down payments. It will never pay for the whole cruise and can only be used on booking a future reservation for travel.

How to Go About Booking?

          I have made it easy to figure out which cruise line and which vacation package you should take. Visit the Cruise page to get some tips on both, then fill out the form and get a quote within 24 hours. Remember the sale starts next week and only runs through the 30th. Get your inquiries in fast to start planning the cruise of your dreams.

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