Planning +Time + Budget = Perfect Vacation

Planning +Time + Budget = Perfect Vacation

September 6, 2018

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Every great vacation starts from planning. When you get the thought in your mind that you want to getaway, every step after that needs to benefit your overall goal. If you give yourself enough time and structure your activities around what you are comfortable paying, there is no limit to the fun you can have.

If you start your planning 9 months to a year out, that will put you in the ideal times for the best priced flight portion of your vacation. If at all possible, traveling from a Wednesday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Saturday, or Saturday to Wednesday, will maximize the savings on the cost of the flight, as those combinations of days are typically the best priced days of the week to travel. Airlines don’t advertise fares any sooner than a year out, but typically just 9 months.

Cruises, Tours, Safaris and Disney however, will give you up to 2 years to pay on a vacation, as long as all outstanding debts are paid 45 days before the time of travel. This is great if you want to get in where prices are low, but plan on a vacation when you can assure that the vacation you want, is fully paid for far before you get there.

Theme Parks and other Adventure Travel can be a little tricky however as the attraction or park that you want to visit, might not be open when you want to go. A way around this is to buy the tickets last. The cost of pre-purchase in peak seasons is not a savings. Most places only offer savings on park tickets with resort/hotel stay, or as a part of a larger promotion. If the other terms of the promotion apply, by all means take the savings, but peak season cost, are what they are. Get the pricing up front, but know, there will be no savings, you can pay the same price at the gate

Also, just about any vacation you want to take you can afford! You just have to set things in motion, be flexible, and most importantly, hire a travel agent…But that’s why you’re here, right?

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