When Is The Best Time To Plan?(Tips From A Travel Agent)

When Is The Best Time To Plan?(Tips From A Travel Agent)

September 17, 2018

Travel is seen as a luxury seemingly only affordable to the wealthy. Though have expendable is convenient when it comes to travel, shopping and purchasing during the right season is the way the average 9 to 5’er can cheat the travel system. In this post, I’ll walk you through the best tricks of the trade to start your planning, starting with the right season to shop, all the way to the cheapest days of travel.

The Right Season To Shop:

          A good rule of thumb to remember is “Two before, or, One after”. What does that mean to you? Let’s take Spring Break. To get the early deals, you want to look around Fall Break. However, to get the best deal, you want to start looking during Summer Break, for the next time Spring Break comes around. Why? Because the cheapest pricing for the season you want to travel is always right after people forget about it. Even people who travel yearly around the same time, don’t typically start thinking about the next vacation until they settle back into life from the current one. Nine to twelve months is ideal for pricing out a vacation since airfare is usually cheapest.

          If you can only go during peak seasons, like Christmas, or the Summer, a year in advance needs to be your target planning time period. Whenever possible, travel on Wednesday’s will afford you the cheapest fare. Common myths about booking flights is to check Tuesday night. That honestly will have little to nothing to do with the pricing. Fares are based on dates on travel, not dates of booking.

          Choosing a medium for travel like a Cruise, Tour, Disney, or All-Inclusive vacation, will give you the most flexibility in pricing. With all of the above mediums offering “early bird” specials for guest who plan and pay up to a year in advance. Most vacations will need to be paid in full no later than 45 days in advance. So do you think you are ready to start planning? Fill out the form on the respective page to what sort of vacation you are looking for, I’ll get you a quote within 24 hours, so you can start to properly price your dream vacation.

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