Cruise Ships Have Gotten Crowded – Tips From A Travel Agent
Cruise Ship

Cruise Ships Have Gotten Crowded – Tips From A Travel Agent

October 9, 2018

I recently went on a non-peak season cruise. I won’t mention the cruise line because the situation was completely not their fault, and the staff was just about wonderful in trying to make up for the inconvenience. The problem was an unexpected burst of light showers. Not enough to cause any real turbulence on the ship, but enough to cancel outdoor activities and pool privileges. When this happens, the indoor activities, GET CROWDED. So how do you combat mother nature? Simple answer, you can’t, but you can set yourself up to not be as disappointed if the inevitable happens.


  1. Go Luxury! Economy or mid-level cruise lines are 100 times more likely to be crowded. Because those types of cruise lines offer affordable vacations that suit everyone, everyone books them. Luxury cruise lines offer the same ports of call, with a scaled-back population of cruisers. Though going luxury may seem out of reach, booking it 18 mo. in advance and during the “World’s Largest Cruise Sale”, bring those cost into the same playing field as economy and mid-level lines. Visit the Cruise page to get more information on the right line for you.
  2. If you can’t go luxury, spring for the balcony or suite. A light rain being watched from a spacious room makes escaping the chaos a little easier.
  3. Spa Packages! While the crowds are at full peak, you could be taking a dip in hot mud. Specialty spa services are always an additional cost. Those can either be handled with the concierge on the ship, or with your travel agent before you board.
  4. Specialty Dining. Nothing makes a rainy day more tolerable than a great meal. The buffets and room service are great, but a steak and lobster is way better.
  5. Captains Club. This is a private cruising experience. You have access to exclusive pools, cabanas, hot tubs, bars, and offers. This is typically a perk for tenured cruisers who have reached the top levels of cruise line memberships, but just about anything can be bought. Let your agent know if this is something you are interested in.
  6. Hit the casinos during the day. Once the night hits, the party begins. An already crowded situation can become standing room only in a matter of minutes.
  7. Shore Excursions. Some excursions remove you from the beach environment and can take you to indoor places or far away from the vast majority of other cruisers.
  8. Stay away from cruising in peak seasons, or August and September. That is hurricane season.

So, although you can’t beat mother nature, you can work around her. Use these tips and others you will find throughout the website to help aid you in planning your perfect vacation. Give me a call at (602) 473-5428 or visit the Cruise page, and find the perfect vacation for you. Hope to hear from you soon


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