The Timeshare Pitch (Tips From A Travel Agent)

The Timeshare Pitch (Tips From A Travel Agent)

October 16, 2018

If you have been on an all-inclusive vacation where you got a “special deal”, you probably had to sit for a timeshare presentation. They are lengthy, time-consuming, and just about unnecessary. Also if you book your vacation through major booking sites, that offer “bid-able” deals, it is hard to avoid them. In this post, I will give you the best practices for getting out of the timeshare pitch, or getting the most out of it. All you have to remember is… JUST SAY NO!

Best Practices

Because in some situations the timeshare presentation is unavoidable, you have to be prepared to say no… a lot…like a whole lot. It’s standard for at least 3 different sales representatives to speak to you, but in some locations, it can be as many as 5. The initial sales person will give you a tour, tell you some history, and talk up the property. This will be impressive, but usually easy to say no too. Mainly because the first price is always the worst price. Even if you make the decision to actually purchase one of the units, again… JUST SAY NO!

Next, after you have successfully navigated your way past the first salesperson, comes the first sales manager. They are authorized to make some price drops. BEWARE! This person is a MASTER salesperson. Their job will be to dig deep into the emotional reasons you are on this vacation. They will be charismatic, handsome/beautiful, well spoken, well groomed, authoritative and just an overall likeable person. They will charm the commission right out of your pocket by being a pretty neat person. Don’t fall for it. Again, even if you are willing to buy, this still isn’t your best price. Say no to this person, and then comes the “BIG CHEESE.”

The “Big Cheese” is usually a manager that has the ultimate power. This is the absolute hardest person to say no to. Why?

  1. Because you are pretty worn out from rejecting everyone and
  2. By this point, you have spent many hours in front of someone who has been trying to get at your wallet.
  3. Moreover, he/she will have the ABSOLUTE best deals. Thousands of dollars off, extra perks, no fees for a certain period of time, etc, etc.

If you are going to buy, this is who you cave to. At least at this point, you can feel like they are giving you the best price when really it’s the price everyone should be paying. But, if you are still not interested, at this point you say NO! And get up and walk out. You have fulfilled your obligation to the booking engine, and to yourself and hopefully, walk out unscathed.

What To Do If You Buy?

If one of the salespeople from above got you to think that purchasing is a good idea, look out. You will be responsible for fees and taxes each year, even if you don’t visit the property. In my opinion, the Holiday Inn Club Resorts are the best overall American Value. As far as all-inclusive goes the El Cid resorts in Mexico and Bravaro resorts everywhere offer great owner perks with minimal cost and fees throughout the year.

That about does it! Hopefully, this has helped calm some anxiety about your next vacation. Visit the All-Inclusive page for additional tips on the perfect vacation from your Travel Advisor, or call (602) 473-5428 and we can book your vacation today.

Until next time, Tia.

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