If You Are Not Thinking About Spring Break Yet, You Should Be(Tips From A Travel Agent)

If You Are Not Thinking About Spring Break Yet, You Should Be(Tips From A Travel Agent)

December 19, 2018

With Christmas just days away I’m sure the last thing on your mind is what you are going to do for the next time your children will be out of school, but you should be. Family vacation times mean limited space, and could mean less than ideal accommodations if you wait to long. Don’t worry, luckily for you, you found me, and I won’t let that happen to you. Here are 5 easy ways to beat the lodging rush, get your vacation covered, and assure that your family has the type of vacation they really want.

Tips From A Travel Agent:

  1. Pre-Pay! It’s the only way to assure that your reservation won’t be canceled, you won’t be surprised, and that you have a seat to any adventure travel planned within your vacation.
  2. Think it out. This is where having a travel agent, like yours truly, will give you the absolute best advantage over even the most organized, and, researched traveler. Travel agents are trained to “Think like a traveler”. What that means for you, is having someone think of the things that could go wrong, to avoid that ever happening to you. Or, even if things go perfectly right, having someone guide you so that you don’t miss the best things in any destination.
  3. Plan to wait. No matter when you planned your spring break vacation, whether you worked with an agent or not, or if got all the right tickets way before time, you will wait. Even if you are getting away without family, the rest of the world will be getting away with family. That means longer lines, children everywhere, screams, giggles, and tears at every turn. Any destination that allows you to get a fast pass or skip the line ticket, invest! Or just take a hefty dose of patience. For older adults waiting until early May, will help avoid this.
  4. Call ahead. If you are staying stateside or aboard a call to the establishment before arrival, confirms reservations, and has staff looking for you and your guest specifically. This is also a great reason to let me book your vacation. I will do the calling ahead for you.
  5. BE ON TIME! Ships, tours, excursions, safaris, show times, and standardized transportation wait for no one. If you miss something, in most cases, there will be no refund and no compensation, you just missed it. Even the Best Travel Agent You Can Get, Tia Benton, can’t help you if you are late. You alone, nor your family is more important than anyone else who also spent their money, but had the good sense to be on time. Save yourself the easiest headache and be on time.

I hope these simple tips will help you on all your upcoming vacations. If you are still deciding what to do and where to go, take a look through the pages of this website for travel tips, destination ideas, and expert advice. Then, once you have it all figured out, fill out the form on the corresponding page to how you want to travel and I will get you a quote within 24 hours. You can also give me a call or shoot me a text at (602) 473-5428. Happy Traveling, I hope to make your next vacation your best one.

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