Group Travel Packages Near Mesa, AZ
Group Travel

Group Travel Packages Near Mesa, AZ

January 24, 2019

Hello Happy Travelers!

The time is fast approaching for large family trips and booking a Group Travel Package, can assure that all of your family and extended family can vacation together, save time, and get excellent savings on booking with group travel cost.

First, we have to clarify what is group travel. Then I’ll give you some advice on the easiest types of group travel, and finally, some great choices of destinations and activities to do for all ages.

What is considered “Group Travel”?

Your party is considered a group when you need:

  • more than 7 cabins on a cruise
  • more than 9 seats on a flight
  • more than 10 rooms at a resort
  • and more than 5 rooms on a Disney Vacation.

Anything smaller than that can just be booked as a regular vacation. You can still link rooms together, but you will not get a discounted “group” rate, until the above is met.

Things To Know:

  1. Typically when group travel is formed, there is one main point of contact or ‘POC.’ That point of contact is then given a group number and that number is how all travel will be coordinated through the members of the group. Individual reservation numbers, payment options, and unique travel arrangements can happen for each member of the group, allowing flexibility and function when making travel arrangements. Or, if it works better for you, all arrangements can be handled through the ‘POC.’
  2. Traveling as a group is the best way to assure that all of your guests are coordinated together.
  3. The ‘POC’ of the group usually receives the largest discount. Even free rooms in most cases.
  4. Cruises and all-inclusive vacations are the two most common group travel plans.
  5. Group Tours receive exclusive entry to most attractions that are solely for your group
  6. Don’t skimp on the travel insurance! I can get your entire group insured as part of the trip cost

How Can We Make Our Group Travel Easy?

Glad you asked. Call (602) 473-5428, and let me coordinate things from there. Group Travel is an excellent way to keep your entire party on a schedule and all together. So if you are hosting a:Family Reunion, Destination Wedding, Business Function, or Event, then group travel is what you need. Cruises, All-Inclusive Vacations, Tours, and Disney, are the most sought after forms of group vacations. All will allow flexible payment options, can be paid for individually, or as a whole for the group. When booking group travel, all parties of the group are linked together for updates, event times, dining reservations, and wake-up calls. The staff at any establishment is also informed of all the parties in your group, which has everyone looking out for your family and friend’s well being.

Where Are The Best Places To Go?

Another amazing question.  Personally I like the Caribbean. It’s what people think when they think “Vacation”. Sandy beaches, roaring blue waters, awesome views and sunsets, and a stay and play awhile feel, that just screams relaxation. But, like I said, thats me. The best place for you and your family to go is anywhere you want to! Skiing, Hiking, Disney, Cruising, Caribbean, Europe, Asis, Australia, you name it! Give me a call, we will have a conversation about what you are looking to accomplish, how you want to feel, or what occasion we are celebrating. Let me take the hassle off your hands on the hard part.

Give me a call at (602) 473-5428 or fill out the forms on the group travel page, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Hope this helped. Happy Traveling!

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