Top 5 things to Do in Mesa, AZ This Spring Break
Golfland SunSplash

Top 5 things to Do in Mesa, AZ This Spring Break

January 16, 2019

Hard to believe that spring is just around the corner but it is, and like most parents, we have to find something interesting to do to occupy the week. Did you know that even adventure-based travel arrangements like theme park tickets, show tickets, and season passes can be booked through a travel agent too? More specifically me, I can book those for you. Here are the Top 5 Things to do in Mesa, AZ over the spring break.


  1. Golfland Sunsplash– The park will be opened depending on the weather for both water and Putt-Putt is opened all season long. This is a great place to drop off the teens with arcade, water park, and miniature golf.
  2. Bowling– Most bowling establishments are offering something similar to a season pass for the spring break season. Some even include lessons.
  3. Mesa Arts Center– Spring Into Lunch Series, with new live bands on weekend afternoons that vary from swing music to country hits and ballads.
  4. MCC Performing Arts Center– There are a variety of plays and shows to include Seussical The Musical. Jazz, singers, flutes, the spring concerts have a little for everyone.
  5. Parks and Picnics– This may require a little time on the parts of the parents, but Mesa has so many fun and dog-friendly parks, it would be a shame not to include them.


     Not too shabby for a small city outside of Phoenix. We have tons of local attractions that don’t have to break the bank and will take a little of the pressure off figuring out what to do. HOWEVER! If you want to do some major traveling, that can be arranged as well. There are super great deals at the Disneyland resort just in time for the spring. Not to mention not is wave season, meaning there are great deals to the end of the month of January on cruises for travel in this and the next year. Give me a call at 480-685-8361 or fill out any of the forms on the corresponding vacation page that you want to travel, and I will get you a quote within 24 hours. Happy Traveling!

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