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Travel Vacation Packages Near Maricopa County, AZ

March 14, 2019

Hello Happy Travelers! I do my research, and in doing that research I’ve noticed that the majority of you are looking for a whole vacation package. To me that mean, Flight, Hotel, Car(if needed) and Adventures. Though you can go to just about any booking site in the world and self book any of these vacation options alone, or together, choosing me as travel agent, will prove to be a much better option.   How to Put Together A Travel Package Putting together a good travel package is all in the details. To get started you always need to know... View Article


How To Protect Your Home In Mesa, AZ While On Vacation

February 6, 2019

In today’s day and age oversharing online is not even something we think of. We are so excited that we just want all of our friends and family to revel in our joy with us. We all have been guilty of the obligatory “Countdown to Vacation” post, I certainly know I have, but did you know that seemingly harmless inflection of joy, could make you a target for thieves and predators? My Friend told me about a company called  ACM Community Management that created a great safety guide for vacationers that helps take a little of the worry off what... View Article

Spring Break

Best College Spring Break Destinations To Travel To From Phoenix, AZ

January 30, 2019

February is fast approaching and soon after starts the vigorous Spring Break Travel Season. If you are a college student right now, this is what you wait all year for. Spring break usually brings about debauchery, lifelong memories, and an opportunity to get in some great adventures with the people who have become your family over the year. The pressing question remains the same from coast to coast, “Where is the best place to go for spring break?” A great option for travelers leaving from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is Vegas! Not to mention it is only a short flight,... View Article

Group Travel

Group Travel Packages Near Mesa, AZ

January 24, 2019

Hello Happy Travelers! The time is fast approaching for large family trips and booking a Group Travel Package, can assure that all of your family and extended family can vacation together, save time, and get excellent savings on booking with group travel cost. First, we have to clarify what is group travel. Then I’ll give you some advice on the easiest types of group travel, and finally, some great choices of destinations and activities to do for all ages. What is considered “Group Travel”? Your party is considered a group when you need: more than 7 cabins on a cruise... View Article

Golfland SunSplash

Top 5 things to Do in Mesa, AZ This Spring Break

January 16, 2019

Hard to believe that spring is just around the corner but it is, and like most parents, we have to find something interesting to do to occupy the week. Did you know that even adventure-based travel arrangements like theme park tickets, show tickets, and season passes can be booked through a travel agent too? More specifically me, I can book those for you. Here are the Top 5 Things to do in Mesa, AZ over the spring break.   Golfland Sunsplash– The park will be opened depending on the weather for both water and Putt-Putt is opened all season long.... View Article

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