Destination Weddings

destination wedding plannerWeddings are such joyous occasions. Family and friends gathered together to celebrate the love of the bride and groom, food, fun, memories and entertainment. Well wouldn’t it be wonderful to take that experience to the ultimate next level? If you answered yes to that question, a destination wedding might be perfect for you.

Destination Weddings are great for:

  • Small wedding parties
  • Including entertainment for your guest
  • Lumping in cost together
  • Experiencing another country with everyone you know and love in tow

Still think its right for you? Good. Cruises, all inclusive vacations, tours, and Disney are all great options to take of your destination wedding needs. To get the most bang for your buck, all of options allow you to add in the cost of food, drinks, funs, and entertainment included in the price. They also offer group rates and packages which will again, make your wallet smile.

Are you still interested? Okay, here’s the next steps:

  1. Choose how you are going to do it. (i.e. cruise, tour, all-inclusive)
  2. Choose where you want to go. You can visit the other areas of this website for help there.
  3. Get a marriage license.
  4. Choose who’s paying. Will you require your guest to pay for any portion of the trip, or will you fit the whole bill?
  5. How many rooms will you need?
  6. Will you need private ballrooms, gazebos, or villas?
  7. Will you need a rehearsal space and dinner?
  8. Will there be children? Tours will not offer a childcare service, but cruises and all-inclusive will.
  9. Will you need a on-site wedding planner, or will you bring one with you?
  10. Will you use the decor provided by the establishment or will you bring things with you. The more you carry or ship, the more it cost and you have to ship back.
  11. How will you ship your gifts back?
  12. Will you Honeymoon in the same place or somewhere else?

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